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Wedding Planning Snark

Wedding Planning Snark



April 12th, 2008

First of all, apologies for the lapse in content. Finals and papers have been severely limiting my LJ time for the past few weeks.

However, the sheer ridiculousness of fighting about how to put an address on a wedding invitation should make up for that!

cascaste123 writes in weddingplans: OP text under the cutCollapse )

Now, granted, this person was asking for drama, but when the ultimate point of the post is "do what makes you happy; don't let etiquette books make you sweat about little things like envelope labels", I wouldn't have expected the onslaught of "I'm all insulted because I use etiquette and you're saying it's not important!" Oh, and people... you're proving her point about how some people are so judgmental of other people's choices that they are annoyed if the address on the envelope isn't handwritten.

There are several fun threads in the comments about how some people will think they're not important to the couple if they get a (gasp) STICKY LABEL on the envelope for their address. Or how insulting it is that the OP thinks etiquette isn't that important.

There is the odd voice of reason, but (as usual) no one who is complaining responds to it.

It's the address on the envelope of the invitations, people. Relax. And if that's what someone judges a wedding on, I recommend the couple listens to aria_star.

March 15th, 2008

sionainn made a post in weddingplans the other day about going and trying on wedding dresses at David's Bridal. Sounds normal, right?

Well, it would be... except that she got married six months ago.

Text under the cutCollapse )

Now granted, she's lost a lot of weight and that's quite an accomplishment. But why do only two people mention that DB employees work on commission, so wasting their time is not fair? And she says she loved the dress she wore and felt great on her day. That's great, but now it's time to give up being a bride and focus on being married. I can understand losing weight and wanting to try on clothes to get an idea of how nicely they fit, but enough about the wedding stuff! You're married now. The wedding is over. Don't lie to the sales staff so that you can feel special again. This is why retail establishments often hate dealing with brides.

Oh, and suggesting that it's okay to waste a salesperson's time because some other salesperson at a different location far, far away once treated you poorly? (Found here and here.) Yeah, getting revenge on a random salesperson because another one sucked is not cool. Way to recommend punishing a random person for someone else's misdeeds.

March 5th, 2008


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I will admit, I hate a lot of the wedding "reviews" that people post (who wants to think that your engaged friends are keeping notes about what was good and what was not at your wedding?), this one was particularly mean.

Text under the cut.Collapse )

That was just harsh. Calling the bridesmaids (and bride!) "hungover", "greasy", and "wrinkly" is not appropriate. Not to mention that most of the complaints were minor (if I'm outside in heels, I expect them to end up in the soil), and phrased very bluntly. I'm sorry, but if someone decided that my wedding deserved to be reviewed like this, I'd be devastated, since all she mentioned were nitpicky negative things (until a commenter asked for something positive). In the comments, she even says "hopefully the photographers have photoshop handy". Maybe it's all true, but still, weddingplans seems like the wrong place to tear apart your uncle's wedding and insult his new wife's appearance without anything positive (and not much constructive) to say about it.

February 5th, 2008

Two things...

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One, does anyone know what happened with kristinjane83's most recent post on weddingplans? The post itself doesn't seem offensive but it's been deleted so I can't get at the comments. No luck on the Google cache front either.

Text of entryCollapse )
I'm just curious. What sort of wank could this have caused?

Also, an older one I came across again that I remembered was crazy...

Dollar Dance Wank!

Text of OP... but the best parts are in the commentsCollapse )

Especially this thread. I've seen Dollar Dance arguments before, but this one was particularly silly, where people on both sides go to extremes: one person calls it "whoring" and dativesingular then accuses her of discrimination, and later calls it racism while leaping all over someone who tries to prevent the fighting. No matter who is right in these things, the overreacting by everyone just feeds the wank-waiting-to-happen that is a Dollar Dance post.

January 23rd, 2008

Hi all. My first offering, be gentle. ;P

Call me crazy but the suggestions to either: tell a bridesmaid to "suck it up", or "get a new bridesmaid"
if you've picked flowers she is allergic to- cringe or snarkworthy??

Only one person in the whole thread when I last read had made the wacky observation that perhaps a friend might be more important than flowers.

And nobody backed her up.
Maybe I'm just getting grouchy, but I'm getting really sick of the over-dramatized OMG MY DRESS WAS MEANT FOR ME posts. It's one thing to find a dress and love it, but I think this tl;dr post goes to a new level of unnecessary dramatics:


Text under the cut... I said it was long.Collapse )

And yes, it's nice to appreciate the input from the internet, but how many times do we need an insincere "u guyz are lyk sooo amazing" in one post? Come on. Three times is more than enough. Attention-grabbing, anyone?

Note: I see I have a few people here besides me now! As this comm is brand-new, suggestions are always welcome.

January 19th, 2008

This is a prime example of why this comm was made:

Shades of brown must have speshul names!

Text under here as wellCollapse )


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Welcome to wp_snark!

I'm your friendly neighbourhood mod, peridragon. I saw a need for some good-natured snark about weddings and wedding planning, and started this community.

Please read the community info before posting. I have some basic conduct guidelines there that are pretty standard for snark communities (like no causing drama in the original comm, for example), but until we get going, there is no real set of TEH RULEZ. If problems come up later, I'll worry about it then, but for now I'm going to assume people will behave themselves.

As for formatting, all I ask is that we post a link (and possibly the text itself, behind a cut) to the original entry for context.

I'll start by posting some older entries from various comms so we can get a sense of what we want. Otherwise, post away!

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