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First installment in the older entry snarks...

This is a prime example of why this comm was made:

Shades of brown must have speshul names!

UGHHHHH...ok is it just me or am so right on this that it is crazy?!?!? I call my mother and tell her I think I found the ring bearer pillow I want...she THEN decides to inform me that a woman from HER church whom I have nver met nor heard of, asked to make my pillow for me. My mother tells her that would be great and tells her my colors are brown and BEIGE...My colors are truffle (dark brown), latte (light brown), champagne (sp) and ivory.

I tell my mother this and say ok that is nice but my colors are NOT beige and did you tell her it HAD to be ivory NOT white? My mother says "well I don't know, it really doesn't matter I mean if someone is making it for free, you shouldn't complain" I said I am not complaining mother but, it can NOT be white!! she replies, "oh it doesn't matter if it is white, it just a wedding and it is free"

AHHHHHH ***pulls hair out*** yes it DOES matter if my dress, the groom, the groomsmen, the flower girls and the ringbearer all have on IVORY!!!

Am I being a bridezilla about this or am I being logical???

Hmm, let me think about that one... /sarcasm

I love the first sentence. "am [I] so right on this that it is crazy?!?!?" Yes, but not in the way you think it is. And it's a freaking RING BEARER PILLOW, not the bridesmaid dresses or something equally visible. RING BEARER PILLOW. Who's going to notice if neither "brown" nor "beige" are OMG EXACTLY the same shades as "truffle" and "latte"? And who is going to compare the colour on a little pillow to the bride's wedding gown?

This is exactly what I mean when I say that for some (rather amusing) brides, wedding planning turns into a "every detail must be perfect OMG this is my LIFE!!!" thing. And it really bugs me when people have to name colours weird things to make it seem "different" and "classy". "Truffle" sounds an awful lot like "dark brown" or "chocolate brown", and "latte" sounds a lot like "beige" or "light brown". Why call them fancypants names then? Oh right, because you're so high-class and unique. Not.
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