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Wedding Planning Snark
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Poking fun at the silliness in wedding planning communities.
Welcome to Wedding Planning Snark!

On Livejournal there are many wedding-planning-related communities. Often, they provide useful information and interesting ideas to couples planning weddings.

However, wedding planning seems to give some people a singleminded focus on every detail to the point where they are stressed out about the difference in colour between "latte" and "beige" and the shade of eyeshadow the bridesmaids wear. There are also the annoyances of these communities like the "update" posts with no actual updates, and those repetitive posts about getting "cold feet"... about the dress. Surprisingly, there was no place to poke fun at these types of posts on LJ that poor snark-deprived peridragon could find, herself being a lurker on several of these communities. So she made one herself!

Some initial guidelines (these will probably change as time goes on):
  1. This is not a community for insulting people. Discrimination due to size, race, sexual orientation, age, etc. will not be tolerated. That's crossing the line.
  2. Anything related to weddings and wedding planning is fine, and that's a pretty broad topic so we should be able to stay more or less on-topic. As always, though, random spam is not allowed. It will be deleted.
  3. Do NOT take drama back to the original community. They will ban you and so will I. This community is here to give you a place to snark, so keep it here. This also extends to personal journals.
  4. Do not screen or delete comments. You came here to dish it out; you can take it too. If the comment is abusive, I'll deal with it, but it's better to just not feed the trolls.

Happy snarking!